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Prices, Packages & Specials/Corporate Headshots

Headshots are an important tool or every business executive or professional concerned with managing a public profile. Creating a great headshot isn’t just about taking a photo. It requires good communication and collaboration between the model and photographer, a relaxed environment to shoot, and professional image editing and processing. A good corporate portrait must also adhere to company standards, must be easy to isolate and use on a different background, and should convey the company culture or personal ethos.

The corporate headshot special includes:

Corporate Headshot Special R950

Please inquire for group rates and discounts.

At the start of each shoot, we review a number of sample images showing different lighting setups, angles and backdrops and discuss the style and look you wish to create. During the shoot, all shots are tethered and output to a large screen visible to the model. This creates a dynamic feedback cycle and allows the client and model to give direction, and immediately see the effect of changes in pose and expression. After the shoot, we review the images together marking favorites and eliminating shots to create a selection of the best images. This selection is then output as a contact sheet containing high-resolution thumbnails images, and is sent to the client for final review and selection of the images for editing.

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