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Portfolio Shoot Terms & Conditions

Each package includes retouching and supply of a specified number of final images. Any additional images requested are charged for the additional retouching time required. Headshots are standardly charged at R300 per image and all other shots at R150, although if extensive retouching and changes are requested, the cost will be adjusted based on the time required.

Each package includes a maximum number of headshots in the selected images for retouching. Headshot edits involve a more detailed edit process and take approximately twice as long as standard edits. Additional headshots over and above the maximum included in the package can either be paid for additionally at R300 per image, or can be swapped for 2 other image selections. For example, a PORTFOLIO REFESH which (includes a total of 8 final images) would normally include 2 headshots and 6 other images, but could also rather include 3 headshots and 4 other images at the same cost.

The listed package costs are exclusive of wardrobe, props, or any additional special equipment required by the client for the shoot.

RAW and unedited images are not supplied unless by prior commercial agreement.

The intellectual property of all images remains the property of the photographer, who may elect to use the images for marketing and other purposes. Should you wish to no have your images publically available, please discuss this in advance.