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Free Lens Autofocus Calibration Card

Consistently achieving sharp and accurately focused images is a priority for any professional or aspiring photographer. Modern camera and lens systems have sophisticated autofocus systems but many people are unaware that each camera and lens is manufactured and tested to be within an “acceptable margin of error” and this “acceptable accuracy” can be shockingly off. Similarly, a lens and camera system that is knocked, or used intensively may lose accuracy and require recalibration. Blindly trusting that your camera and each lens will autofocus correctly may result in missed shots and tremendous frustration trying to determine the cause if you are unaware of the concept of lens autofocus calibration.

If the autofocus results in an image that is focused behind the point metered, the camera/lens is described as back-focusing, and if the image is focused in front of the point metered it is described as front-focusing.

Inaccurate autofocus can be a result of an inaccuracy in the camera and /or a lens. As such, every lens should be tested when first bought as well as after regular intervals of use. Most cameras allow calibration settings to be saved for each lens based on either the lens model, or the specific lens and serial number.

This card was created out of frustration after trying to find a lens autofocus calibration kit in stores and online and seeing costs ranging from $7 to $60. Add in the inconvenience of waiting for stock and delivery! This card is a free, light, quick, easy to use, and accurate tool that can be kept in your gear bag and used wherever you are whenever you need it! All you need to make it is the printout, glue or tape, a piece of board, and something to cut it with.

Download the free lens autofocus calibration card.

Download free camera lens autofocus calibration card

Instructions for use contained on the card.

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