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High Fashion Editorial Photography
Jeep Apparel Winter Season 2022
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Cape Town Fashion Photographer
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Cape Town Fashion Photographer
Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography

If you are looking for an award-winning fashion photographer to help take your local or international brand to the next level, with striking fashion photography images, strong content and supporting campaigns, then look no further!

Fashion photography and the glamour of fancy brands, beautiful models and famous designers is what most people think of when hearing “commercial photography”. Most fashion photographers and shoots focus on featuring garments, shoes or accessories in order to create product demand and drive sales, but some shoots, especially editorials, can look and be more avant-garde and outlandish to anyone not from the industry. Fashion photography includes various sub-niches as such catalogue fashion, editorial, high-fashion, runway, e-commerce and advertising.

Fashion shoots are in studio as well as on location (both indoors and outdoors) and can be used to create from simple catalogue-style looks, to complex scenes painting a target lifestyle to support a brand’s identity, and everything in between. We work closely with several of the leading local model agencies and can help with finding the right talent for your project. We can source local models as well as run remote castings for our overseas clients to streamline production. Being a successful fashion model takes a lot more than just being beautiful. Great posing, looks and movements are all critical for creating high impact photos that sell fashion. Similarly, knowing how to direct and pose models is a critical skill for any fashion photographer. It is a skill that is learnt through experience and developed over many years and shoots. This knowledge and experience allow us to bring the best out of the team and always create professional and eye-catching images.

Plan Your Fashion Shoot

Whether you are a brand or store needing a top fashion photographer for high-quality images for a campaign, your catalogue, web site or store, or a model needing to improve your portfolio to accelerate your career in the industry, Migal and the team have the experience and expertise to help.

Get in contact to discuss how we can help plan and execute a successful fashion shoot for your company, brand or portfolio.

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Fashion Modeling

For models looking to start, refresh or extend their portfolio, we offer test and portfolio shoots as well as advice on how to develop a compelling portfolio and book. Find out about our model test and portfolio shoots here.

For inexperienced models stepping into the modeling industry can be daunting. Understanding the industry with its strange terms and phrases, getting signed by an agency, knowing what to expect at castings, understanding fees and media usage, preparing a portfolio, learning to pose and identifying your strong characteristics… it can be overwhelming and can take years of struggling to get established. That’s where we come in. We’re here to educate, support and inspire you and to give you the confidence needed to get started in the modeling industry. Find out more about our new model portfolio shoot package.

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Fashion Photography
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Fashion Photography
Commercial photographer Migal Van As
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Jeep Apparel Winter Season 2022
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Award-Winning Fashion Photographer

Migal was recognised in 2019 as the best Cape Town Fashion Photographer by Cape Town Experiences magazine, as well as in 2020 as the Best Fashion Photographer in South Africa by the UK Prestige Awards!